UP-DOWN Counter 0-99 with Relay Control KIT 12V DC

UP-DOWN Counter 0-999 with Relay Control KIT 12V DC


Sales price: $39.00
Manufacturer: ThailandKit

This circuit is up-down counter 0-99 or 99-0 with Relay Control , 12V DC input supply. The Relay will turn on when the counter count the number reach to your setting number.

Technical Information:
   1. 2 Digit Seven Segments Display
   2. Need Power Supply 12VDC  800mA to 1000mA ( 1A )
   3. Stand by current consume 90mA
   4. 1 Relay OUTPUT
   5. Input  TTL, CMOS 5V, Micro Switch  ( Frq. 0-1KHz )
   6. Jumper to set the number to control Relay
   7. Jumper to prevent De-bouncing in case Micro Switch is used for Input
   8. Jumper to select Up-Counter / Down-Counter
   9. Use Micro Controller PIC16F57 to control the board

Example: Counter the number of chicken walk to your hen-house, until 30 chickens , Relay turn on the alarm.