PMT501 Digital Temperature Controller HOT / COLD - 55 to +125

Digital Temperature Controller HOT COLD - 55 to +125


Sales price: $51.77
Manufacturer: ThailandKit

This circuit is Digital Temperature controller display by seven segments. can control both COLD level and HOT level in on set up. No need to switch the switch between HOT and COLD.

Technical information:
   - Power Supply 12V / 500mA
   - 5 Digit Seven Segments to display Temperature.
   - Use Micro Controller AT89C2051
   - Temperature Range -55 to + 125'c
   - Free one set  1.2Meter cable , expend max 5 Meter.
   - Sensor part number : DS1820
   - PCB size 6.5cm x 8cm x 4.5cm ( H )
   - Keep setting Temperature in EEPROM , don't worry about electrical power off. setting Temp. will be reload when electrical power on.
   - 2 Setting Temperature, Lower Temp  and Upper Temp . If Temperature is out of ( Lower Temp and Upper Temp ) Relay will turn on ( Close )
   - Relay 10A 220VAC.