MXA084 Digital Temperarute with alarm sound buzzer -55 to 125'C



Sales price: $34.20
Manufacturer: Maxtronic

MXA084 is for detect high vary temperature between -55 to 125 C, besides there is a warning alarm where temperature has been set...

•  This item was already Assembled and Tested as shown in the photo.
•  Power supply : 12VDC 70mA
•  The circuit is able to drive numeric of Maxx Tronic with maximum inches at 10.
•  Can be measured the temperature from -55 to 125 C.
•  User can set the alarm where temperature is too high or too low than has been set.
•  PCB dimensions : 2.64x4.08 in.
•  Comes with the schematic and diagram

Download User Manual