CH-025 Curve Tracer Adapter IV Curve for Digital-Analog Oscilloscopes

Sales price: $80.00
Manufacturer: ThailandKit

This is curve tracer adapter which you have to connect to your oscilloscope in x-y mode, it can help to improve your oscilloscope to generate IV curve, like a real curve tracer, you can measure the resister, capacitor, diode, zener diode, LED, junction of transistor.

Technical information
- Power on by 110V or 220VAC, NOTE : please specific your AC line when you make the payment. 
- Voltage 32Vp-p
- 3 x Current Ranges 100uA/V , 1mA/V and 10mA/V
- Max current 150mA
- Current Limit Switch for semiconductor testing 300uA for 100uA/V range , 2mA for 1mA/V range and 10mA for 10mA/V range
- Freq. 50Hz or 60Hz depending on your AC line.
- Comes with the schematic diagram for your trouble shooting / repairing.
- Comes with test probe
- Box 12.0cm x 12.0cm x 5.1cm

Note : This units doesn't include the BNC to BNC cable. To connect between X-Y channels of curve tracer adapter to your oscilloscope. Recommend to find in Ebay or local source in your country.