CH-024 ICL8038 Function Generator Sine Triagle Square wave 0.5Hz-100kHz

Sales price: $20.70
Manufacturer: ThailandKit

Technical information.

- Require Dual Power supply +12V/-12V or +15V/-15V
- 1 Channel
- 3 wave form Sine-Triagle-Square wave by the jumper on board
- 5 Ranges of Frequency by the jumper on board
1: 0.5Hz - 10Hz
2: 5Hz - 100Hz
3: 50Hz - 1kHz
4: 500Hz - 10kHz 
5. 5kHz - 100kHz
- 2 Pots on board
1: Adjust an amplitude of signal 0-20Vpp
2: Adjust the frequency
- PCB size : 6.9cm x 7.3cm
- Comes with the schematic
Note : This listing doesn't include the transformer and dual regulator power supply, there are optional. can buy in our store.

the new version of the board from Dec 2021 onward will be as below image.