HHO High Frequency PWM DC Motor Speed Controller 30A [Box / Fan Ready to use]



Sales price: $76.00
Manufacturer: ThailandKit
    • Hello, This is really handmade product, it is suitable / recommend for user who don't want to build PWM board in box by yourself or No time. This is from a request from many customer who currently use DC motor speed control and HHO cell generator. They want to buy then just plug and play.

      So, We build it for you, you may see that we put low quantity is stock because it is really handmade. We are capable to make it 2-3 units per day.

      This products contains DC FAN to cool down the heat on the board. Heat flow out from top of the box.  Air will flow into to both side of box. There are 8 holes on each side.

      30A Terminal box, you just put the cable and screw them. No soldering needed.

      Front side of the box , there are 2 pot. One is for speed , another one frequency. You  may not use frequency by turning the pot to min or anticlockwise.  Or try to adjust to get maximum HHO.

      About PWM board, we use our design. You can see below specification.  If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

    • Require Power Supply 12 -30 VDC
    • Standby current 18mA at 12VDC
    • 30A Automotive fuse over current protection
    • 2 pots on board to adjust the frequency and the speed
    • 2 Ranges of Frequency Adjustable

1. Connect Jumper for 1.2kHz to 6.4kHz

2. Remove Jumper for 12kHz to 64 kHz ( Default )

( More Stable freq. generator )

  • Duty cycle 0-100% [ Speed ]
  • Build in soft start fuction 2 second, can be increase to 10s by changing the soft-start capacitor
  • DC motor current up to 30A ( Max )
  • 2 Power MOSFET with Big heat sink
  • PCB size : 2.47" x 4.50" x 1.58" ( Height )
  • ABS Box size : 11cm x 15cm x 6cm(Height)
  • FAN size : Diameter 6cm
  • Comes with the schematic and diagram