CH-018 Cycling Timer 1.5 -180 minutes ON-OFF 12VDC/30A Heavy Duty 110V/240VAC



Sales price: $17.28
Manufacturer: ThailandKit

This item is improvement version for heavy duty proposal to support high current up to 30A application, user can also use with low current application as well. This timer works like cycling timer, started by on-state -> off-state->on-state ..... continuous until power off.

-1.5-180 Minutes Adjustment of each state ( on/off )
-Require Power Supply 12VDC at least 100mA
-Max current consumption 80mA
-Maximum Load 30A both AC and DC application
-Two pot on board for timing adjust ( ON TIME and OFF TIME )
-PCB Size : 5.8cm x 9.5cm ( Height = 3.0cm )
-Comes with the schematic for repairing

Example : Set the board to control the compressor of air condition or heater to turn on 15minutes and off 5minues, repeat the cycle until power off.

Diagram 5A

Diagram 30A

 Diagram 12VDC connection