CH-022 Automatic Water 2 Level Controller AC-DC Pump On-Off [ NC ] Level-Float Switch

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Manufacturer: ThailandKit

Currently, many NC floating switch or level switches are sold in the market but don't have too many circuit board which can support to NC level switch ( NC means normally close ) which mostly use in the water tank. To use only level switch connect directly to AC line is risk for user. So, this CH-022 is designed to support this proposal. The sensor which is use to detect the level of water should be low DC current or it is low voltage and DC.

It is designed for 2 level sensor ( NC sensor more than 90% in the market are NC contact switch )

NOTE : This item is only the board, No Level sensor in the package.

How it works ? Please refer to below image.
- Start from no any water in the tank
- Pump will start to work to pump the water
- Pump will be stopped once the water reach to high level
- Once the water is used, the level of water in the tank is decreased under high level. This is important point that pump will not started.
- Pump will wait until the water is decrease below low level. This time pump will start to pump the water to the tank again.

Technical information
- Require 12VDC Power Supply. ( Recommend more than 100mA or 0.1A )
- 2 Input for [ "NC" or normally close] level or float switch for high and low level
- Stand by current below 3.5mA
- Maximum Current consume 50mA
- Maximum Load 1000W
- Suitable for DC pump or AC pump
- PCB Size : 5.0cm x 7.5cm
- Comes with the schematic diagram

Automatic Level water

Automatic Level water Pump